Autism can bring darkness.   30% of this population is nonverbal.  50% wander away.  This group is 5x more likely to be bullied than their peers.  As adults, 84% live at home with their parents and 92% are unemployed.

Sometimes families get lost in that darkness.  Our job is to bring light … to bring hope.

Into the darkness, we bring twinkles of light that transform lives by teaching skills through our intensive ABA therapy program, currently serving over 200 children.

As these children gain skills, we light the way forward through a range of classroom models, now serving nearly 100 students.

Our goal is to help them gain the skills needed to light their own paths, which brightens the future for everyone. Each mastered skill translates in a savings for the community in long-term care. 

We want the future to continue to shine for them – and so we are developing innovative programs to support adults on the spectrum through employment, social groups, and life skills training.

Your support through this event helps our friends with autism stand in the light!

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