Actually, in our case, we need a LOT of help from our friends to get by!

Autism statistics can be overwhelming:

  • Autism now impacts 1 in every 59 children, reflecting the latest increase reported this past April.
  • 30% of the autism population is nonverbal, unable to speak
  • Individuals with autism are 5x more likely to be bullied.
  • Half of them wander away at some point in their lives, unaware of potential danger.
  • 84% of adults with autism live at home with their parents.
  • Nearly all are unemployed as adults.
  • The cost of lifelong care for a single individual on the spectrum has been conservatively estimated at over $2.4 million. 

However, our programs (therapy, education, and adult services) are making a huge impact on these numbers.

Through your support, we are serving hundreds every day in six locations, helping each individual served gain skills that increase independence and interaction.  In turn, these gains improve the lives of their families and the stability of their communities.

Thank you for being a friend!

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