• What is a Run Relay?
    A run relay is a team event in which each participant runs the course and then “tags” another team member to run the course.  Instead of passing a baton from one team member to the next, the HOPE run relay participants will pass a bracelet.  The passing of the bracelet occurs at a designated location called  “The Exchange Station.”  Only one member of the team will be running at any given time. Only the 20k is run as a relay.
  • What is the difference between the HOPE 20k Relay, HOPE 5k, and the HOPE Boot Camp 5k?
    The 20k Relay event offers the opportunity to compete as a team but with each team member running the course separately as an individual. A slap bracelet is exchanged from one team member to the next as each takes a turn running.The HOPE 5k event offers the opportunity to run or walk individually or as a team of any size. The team can run or walk the course together.
    The HOPE Boot Camp 5k event offers the opportunity to compete together as a team, with all team member running the course together and participating in exercise stations along the course.  Exercises can be found here: Bootcamp Activity List– the order of exercises may change.  Exercise totals assume a 4-person team.  
  • When do these events start?
    The first runner for each HOPE 20k Relay team will start at an assigned time before other participants, and each subsequent runner on the team needs to be prepared to start as soon as the previous runner is finished.The HOPE Book Camp 5k teams will start after the relay runners. The HOPE 5k will start in groups after the bootcamp participants, around 9:00 a.m.  All teams will be emailed specific times.
  • How long will it take to participate in the HOPE Relay events?
    The HOPE 20k Run Relay – All teams in HOPE 20k Run Relay must have an average pace time of no more than 15 minutes per mile.  We cannot safely accommodate slower average pace times. In the HOPE 20k Run Relay, teams with a 15-minute average pace time will take approximately 3 hours total to complete the course.  Teams with a 5-minute average pace time will take approximately 1 hour.
    The HOPE 5k – To complete the 5k, we anticipate participants finishing in 15 minutes to 90 minutes (1 1/2 hour).The HOPE Boot Camp 5k – To complete the Boot Camp 5k, we anticipate teams finishing in 30 to 90 minutes (1 1/2 hour).
  • Where are the HOPE Relay courses?
    All of the HOPE Relay courses start and end at Hartness, Greenville, South Carolina.  A course map will be available shortly. 
  • Do I have to pay for my children to walk with me?  
    Children are welcome to participate free of charge, but they will not receive a t-shirt.  If you want to pay for your child, he/she can get a shirt  BUT our smallest size is an Adult Small.
  • Can I use a stroller?
    Most of this course is on wooded trails of varying elevations and will be difficult for umbrella strollers.  We recommend that you use an all-terrain stroller or baby carrier if you need to transport children.
  • What type of terrain should I expect?
    The course includes some elevation changes, with both paved and natural trails along the creeks and ponds on the property. Much of the course will be challenging for strollers.  We recommend an all terrain stroller or baby carrier.
  • Can we run with fewer than 4 people on our team in the HOPE 20k Run Relay?
    Yes, as long as the team can keep up the appropriate pace time for the duration.
  • What happens at the Exchange Station for the HOPE 20k Run Relay?
    The Exchange Station is the designated location where one leg ends and another begins.  The Exchange Station is where one team member finishes running and passes the bracelet to another team member to start running his/her leg.
  • Does the Exchange Station apply to the HOPE 5k or HOPE Boot Camp 5k?
    The Exchange Station does not apply to the HOPE 5k. The Exchange Station is only for the HOPE 20k Run Relay).
  • What does the HOPE Relay support?
    All proceeds support Project HOPE Foundation (www.projecthopesc.org), a South Carolina nonprofit that has been serving the autism community since 1997.  Project HOPE provides services to children, youth, and young adults with autism.  Go to https://hoperelay.org/why-we-do-it/ for more information.
  • What is our fundraising goal?
    With the new rate of autism (1 in 59 children), the need for Project HOPE’s services is urgent. Every dollar counts! We are asking each participant to take on the personal challenge of raising $59 to donate to Project HOPE Foundation.  If we reach our goal of 800 participants, with each person raising $59, Project HOPE will have an estimated $47,200 to support life-changing individual therapy, specialized classrooms, and innovative adult services.
  • How does the HOPE Relay raise money?  
    The HOPE Relay raises funds through personal fundraising, sponsorship and entry fees. We have created a special online site that allows you to invite your friends and family to join you in supporting this cause.  We will give out awards to Top Individual Fundraiser and Top Team Fundraiser at this year’s Relay. Personal fundraising pages can be accessed here and sponsorships are available here.
  • What’s the deal with the costumes?
    Families living with autism know the importance of finding fun whenever and wherever possible!  Many of our team choose to have fun with costumes and creative team names.  You are not required to dress up, but it is fun! We will recognize Best Costumes and Best Team Name – and we can’t wait to celebrate your ideas! 
  • What happens at the end of the race? 
    We encourage all teams to cross the finish line together. After crossing the finish line, each participant will receive a medal and we will have massage therapists available for you to enjoy. You are welcome to stay and enjoy your group, but we also recognize that you may need to move on to other Saturday activities.  We will post our winners on our website and through our social media.  

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