Date set for 2019 HOPE Relay

Project HOPE Foundation announces the date for the next HOPE Relay: November 23, 2019.  The event will be at the Hartness Living property on Hwy. 14 in Greenville.  We hope you will all save the date to join us for another fun-filled day support our programs and services.

2018 HOPE Relay Results

Thank you for another successful HOPE Relay.  Below are the results for our 20k relay.  Photos coming soon!  


Team Name Division Start Time End Time Total Time
Hope, Sweat, & Beers Masters 8:15:00 10:03:51 1:48:51
Hot Flashes Masters 8:15:00 10:13:37 1:58:37
Joseph  (single runner) Masters 8:15:00 10:27:40 2:12:40
Team Dean 20k (3 person team) Masters 8:15:00 10:46:20 2:31:20
Team V Open 8:15:00 9:44:02 1:29:02
ABB Motors and Mechanical Open 8:15:00 9:51:46 1:36:46
Team RooRoo Open 8:15:00 10:12:58 1:57:58
SwoleMates Open 8:15:00 10:14:26 1:59:26
The RNners Open 8:15:00 10:23:25 2:08:25
It’s Bo Time Open 8:15:00 10:28:45 2:13:45
Robin  (single runner) Submasters 8:15:00 DNF  
Ali Rams  (single runner) Submasters 8:15:00 DNF  
Aus Rams  (single runner) Submasters 8:15:00 DNF  

2018 HOPE Boot Camp Exercises

HOPE BOOT CAMP EXERCISES every 1/2 mile (approx.) down the course (Male team, Female team, Mixed team and Masters Over 40 age team totals – see below) We will have Video done showing the majority of the exercises.

Team Activity Station 1
-Plank Jacks (Male, 100 count/ Mixed, 80 count/ Female, 60 count/ Masters, 40 count) on your bows (elbows) plank then do jumping jack with your feet (in and out)
-Lunges (Male, Mixed, Female 100 count/ Masters, 40 count) alternating legs single count


Team Activity Station 2 
-Jump Up Squat’s (Male, 100 count/ Mixed, 80 count/ Female, 60 count/ Masters, 40 count) – Jump up take a Basketball shot then down into a squat touching the ground (Duke Blue Devils basketball defense move)
-Bicycle Sit Ups (single count) (Male/Mixed/Female/Masters, 200 count)


Team Activity Station 3 
-Burpees (Male, 100 team count/ Mixed, 80 count/ Female, 60 team count/ Masters-team members over age 40, 40 team count)
-Rock/Bench/Curb Dips (Male, 100 team count/ Mixed, 80 count/ Female, 60 team count/ Masters, 40 team count)


Team Activity Station 4 
-Happy Jacks (Male, Mixed, Female – 5 jumping jacks, 1 squat, repeat – do 10 sets each team member/ Masters, do 2 sets each team member)
-Knee to Chest Jump Tucks (Vertical Jump bringing both knees to your chest) (Male, 100 count/ Mixed, 80 count/ Female, 60 count/ Masters, 40 count) 


Team Activity Station 5 
-Push Ups (Male, 100 count/ Mixed, 80 count/ Female, 60 count/ Masters, 40 count)
-Flutters (legs scissor up and down) (Male/Mixed/Female/Masters, 200 single count)

A Special HOPE Relay Experience

Ten miles… I had no idea I was going to be running a little over 10 miles in the first HOPE Relay (thankfully we only run 3.1 now). I had been connected with Project Hope Foundation for a long time, so when I was asked to fill in on a team that only had 3 runners, I agreed without hesitation.  I was a college freshman and a student athlete, so I thought I was in good shape.  My team was a little older than me, so I was volunteered to run the hardest legs.  Ten miles later, I was hooked.  The camaraderie and support that came with the team aspect of the race really illustrated what it is like for families affected by an autism diagnosis and the team they must have around them to fight the everyday struggles these families know all too well.  We have also seen this camaraderie grow with our 5k run/walk event.  Families are able to walk or run together, which has created many great memories and picturesque moments.  All of this was the idea behind the Relay, and it has continued to grow ever since.

Being part of a team was nothing new for me.  I played 3 sports in high school and was now on a collegiate baseball team.  I knew how important team bonding was for success, so I decided to ask my college coach if we could go as a team.  I thought I would have to convince him, but he instantly agreed.  We showed up in our workout gear, a united front, and absolutely crushed the relay.  Some of our guys were not long distance runners.  Heck, they weren’t even runners, but their teammates encouraged them and pushed them to finish their part of the race.

This idea of pushing one another, encouraging each other, and celebrating each person doing their part is the key component of success for the team of people involved with a child on the spectrum.  Whether it’s the parents, siblings, and line therapists on the front lines, or the supervisors and support staff coordinating strategic plans, each team member has an important role in gaining skills the child can use to fight this diagnosis.

I have had many roles throughout the years of the Relay, from fill-in, to team recruiter, to planning committee member, to now working for this great organization, and I cannot wait to see this event continue to grow.  Who knows when another fill-in runner sees what this organization is about and comes on staff to make a difference in the autism community.  We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Relay!

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