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Project Hope gives OUR family Hope!!! Autism's prevalence has now increased to 1 in 59 births. Another statistic: 2 out of my 2 kids have it! PLEASE consider donating to this wonderful cause!
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The combined strength and enthusiasm of three BTG classes! The Center is ready to rock this relay! Are you?!
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Please come out and run with us to support Brayden and his friends! Now 7, Brayden has been with HOPE since he was 3.  It has been a bumpy road but we have seen him flourish! HOPE has been a light and blessing in our lives as it has for so many other families. Please come and have some fun with us!!!
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Raising Awareness for Autism and Autism related services in Honor of our daughter Millie Rose.
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“It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of that village.” – Elaine Hall
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Autism is traveling life’s journey using a different road map. Project Hope has helped us navigate every bump, bend and turn on this road map. This organization is priceless to our family. Please help us give back to this extraordinary organization!!
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Bo has been with Project Hope for a little over two years, and we have seen him grow tremendously in that time. He is currently in the BTG 1st grade class at Hope Academy where he is learning to interact more appropriately with peers, count, recognize letters, and have functional conversations.
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Our fun loving and energetic Hope Alive Junior class will be participating in the Hope Relay. Any support given will help these two classes grow!
Bless those who see life through a different window and those who understand their view.
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The Pendleton Center is dedicated to providing life changing services to individuals on the autism spectrum. We are walking in the Hope Relay as a proud team and in honor of the awesome individuals we work with. Help us reach our fundraising goal!
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Three years with Hope Reach and our once nonverbal, very estranged two year old is now flourishing in the BTG program at Hope Academy. He is a social butterfly who will talk your ear off, beat you in any game you attempt, and loves to play GaGa ball with his friends (the big kids). Please donate to a great cause.
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This girl is a SUPER STAR! You can be one too by supporting the foundation that supports her every day, gives her a voice and improves her quality of life.
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Friends give hope—and sometimes a helping hand. Love this photo of Colby Jack and Taylor from last year’s HOPE Relay!
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We are fundraising for our son Zeron and his love of Pizza and French Fries! Zeron attends BTG at Hope Academy! Please support us in our first HOPE RELAY 5K for Autism!
We are privileged to provide services to children on the autism spectrum! Hope faculty & staff of Hope Academy, Bridging the Gap, and Hope Reach, located at the Temple of Israel, are incredibly proud of their work! Help us to raise money for the incredible individuals who light up our days and give meaning to the word HOPE!
Spartanburg Clinic has SPIRIT!!! We are so privileged to provide therapy to children on the autism spectrum. These kids light up our days and we are incredibly proud of their work on a daily basis. We walk together in the Relay in support of each other and the wonderful families we serve - help us raise money and make a difference in their lives!!!

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