I am looking forward to October 2012- cooler air, football games, fall carnivals, apple picking, pumpkin pie, and the HOPE relay!  I love this Relay event. 5 friends riding around in a van (that can get pretty stinky, by the way) navigating the route on foot and by vehicle.   It’s an adrenaline rush! It’s a time to leave your normal stressors of life at home, and join in an adventure.

I have to be honest – today was stressful!  My daughter, Lilly, is autistic.  And today was not a good day.  She has not been compliant with her therapists, she’s tried to run away, she has been frustrated because she couldn’t find the words she wanted to say, she has kicked and screamed for 40 minutes straight for no apparent reason.  This is the #1 reason, I am so glad I have my “team”!  My Hope Reach team comes together to strategize what will work best for Lilly.

I have another team that helps me to relieve my stress- my girlfriends who I run with- Kristi and Sandy.  We just ran together yesterday for an hour, and we chatted and laughed together as we ran.  It’s a great start to my day!  They are the ones that I can go to, when I need some encouragement or prayer for my Lilly (and for me).

I invite you to run with HOPE in October for many reasons: 1. Great exercise- you’ll burn over 1000 calories running over and down hills 2. Great scenery- you will be amazed at the scenery the Upstate offers that you may not have seen before 3. camaraderie- you’ll get to know your teammates in a new way 4. Post- race party- massages, great food, and great music- what more could you ask for!

My training- this summer I have been on the track doing some speed work.  It’s so hot, so shorter runs with rest in between have been good.  It’s been a change in my routine- taking my body to a new level, instead of doing the same 5 miles all the time.  Now it’s time to gear up for the fall, and run some distances.  Swamp Rabbit trail, here I come!  The Tiger Lillies (my team name for the HOPE Relay) will be ready to conquer the hills of the Upstate come October.  A couple of my teammates are running the Spinx Marathon at the end of October, so they will be using the HOPE relay as a tempo run in preparation for the race.  It’s always good to throw a couple of races into your training to see where you’re at.

Well, that’s all the thought’s I have for today.  Don’t forget to go ahead and register today for the HOPE Relay while the prices are still low!

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