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Saturday, November 4, 2017

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The HKA HOPE Relay presented by St. Francis Sports Medicine is a unique running and walking experience that supports the programs of Project HOPE Foundation. Enjoy the spirit and team-building energy with your family, friends, business associates, athletic teams, classmates, and civic groups. All participants begin and end at Hartness in Greenville, allowing them to spend time together in the participant village throughout the morning. Register today at


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For the 4th year in a row EY Greenville will sponsor teams in the Hope Relay.  This year SER TAX and FSO both have participants.  Project Hope Foundation provides a lifetime of services to the autism community.  We appreciate any donation you would like to make to this cause!
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I would like to show my support for people with autism.
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Help us reach our goal to show our support for the amazing Project Hope Foundation
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The first Bridging the Gap class of Spartanburg is so excited to take part in the fundraising campaign for Project HOPE Foundation's Hope Relay. Please help us meet our goal by donating to our class page so we can help people with autism STAND IN THE LIGHT!
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Please help us support Project Hope Foundation!! Easton and Becks have come so far with their help!!! Project Hope Foundation has built a one of a kind Dream Team! Each and everyone of their staff love every single child that receives services. With your donation they can reach out and help so many more families to come!! Thank you in advance!
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This sweet and bright class is excited for the Hope Relay and they hope you are, too! Help support these students and other children at Project Hope by donating to our cause. Every donor will receive a card from one of the artistic runners in BTG 1st!
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BTG 5-6 is revved up and ready to blow this fundraiser away! Project Hope has done so much for all of us and we want to show our appreciation and support through this fundraising opportunity. We need your help, though, to reach our goal. The LIGHT-ning squad wants to be the top class in Bridging the Gap, the bee's knees, the cream of the crop! Please, consider donating to our cause. Any amount will help. Lets "LIGHT IT UP" together!
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Help us shine the light - there's so many ways! You can participate, volunteer, sponsor, or fundraise! Please join us on this journey to help each child shine bright.
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HAJ is SO excited for the Hope Relay! Please help us to reach our fundraising goal!
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BTG K5 Is so excited for the relay! Please help us meet our goals by donating to this wonderful cause. By supporting this cause you will be enhancing the lives of our 5 and 6 years olds who have worked so hard on their classroom skills, peer play interactions & bringing out their individual personalities.
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